What Is The Best Niche To Make Money

What Is The Best Niche To Make Money

  The hardest and most confusing thing beginners do is try to pick a niche that will make money. If you’re new to building an online business around a niche site — chances are real good that you’re going about it backwards? Once you have mastered the art of making a sustainable income from the … Read more

office for Working online from home on the computer

How to Work From Home On The Computer

  My own big break came when I discovered how to work from home on the computer — and be successful at it. Like a lot of successful solopreneurs online I had several false starts along the way. However, I could see early on that making money from home on the computer was possible. Like you, … Read more

Man sitting in window reading best selling retirement planning books.

Best Selling Retirement Planning Books

While putting together this list of the 7 Best Selling Retirement Planning Books — I first looked for accurate and up-to-date information and advice — from people with experience. I sought simple to read retirement planning books with easy to follow action plans that cover topics to help in every area of your retirement. The fact … Read more

Alarm clock and pencil holder advertising the best home business for retirees

Best Home Business for Retirees

These are my criteria for the best home business for retirees: legitimate, good earning potential, minor startup cost, and the freedom to work where and when we choose. If you’ve got a minute I will briefly share my best pick and why I am convinced that every retiree should have an online business at home.  In … Read more

image with how to supplement a retirement income

How to Supplement a Retirement Income

You’re not by yourself — a lot of us are asking how to supplement a retirement income these days. While some retirees need the extra income to exist, others see how additional income would make life better for themselves and their family. Still other people are bored and look for new activities to fill the … Read more

The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

This post explains the best way to learn affiliate marketing and why I am dead set that it’s the best way to make money online. Why wait? Start Learning Affiliate Marketing Today — Free! Like any business model, there are things you’ll need to learn to get started with your own affiliate marketing business. You will … Read more

Help With Social security benefits with the benefits application

Help With Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are no free gift! You paid it in, now it’s time for you to reap the benefits. Here’s simple and quick help with social security benefits to help you get back what you deserve.  Social Security benefits could wind up as your primary source of retirement income, so it’s important to have … Read more

icon image police busting senior citizen scams and frauds

Senior Citizen Scams

As seniors it’s crucial to be aware of fraudulent activities because Senior Citizen Scams are alive and active everywhere. If you’re retired or getting close to retirement, you may have just what scammers look for –  great credit, owning your home debt-free, and a substantial retirement nest egg. These things are exactly what puts us … Read more

Seniors learning how to do stretching exercises in exercise class

How To Do Stretching Exercises

Not knowing how to do stretching exercises the right way can lead to soreness along with unwillingness to attempt healthy stretching again. However, stretching the right way will keep you flexible, feeling good, and energized. You can’t afford to miss it! It may seem like stretching and flexibility is a straightforward thing… and to a … Read more

icon woman doing Stretching Exercises for Seniors for Better Sleep

6 Stretching Exercises for Seniors for Better Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is essential for your good health and these 6 stretching exercises for seniors will help you relax before bed to sleep better. Many seniors find falling asleep and staying asleep to be a real problem. Sometimes sleep disorders are caused by medication: But the truth is as we grow older we … Read more