10 Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips You Can’t Do Without

From the blog post and emails I read — you would think internet affiliate marketing would be easy? Marketing on the web is not easy — but why not smooth out the journey with these:

10 Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips

After all, I had read plenty about:

  •  How to get into affiliate marketing
  • Internet affiliate marketing tips
  • How beginners are making money in affiliate marketing
  • What is a website niche?
  • What to make a website about?
  • What to write a blog post about?

But after a while, the truth begins to set in, and I was having a hard time denying it:

  • I was working hard
  • Writing post
  • Sending out emails
  • Using good keywords
  • Using SEO techniques
  • Getting backlinks

and nothing was happening! I was working my ass off at a failing business! The harder I tried, the more confusing affiliate marketing became?

Smarter is Better than More

I was trapped in a maze of information and making no progress. Reading about other people getting rich: While my own best marketing efforts remained fruitless.

As it turns out, there were a couple of major mistakes I was making in my headlong rush into affiliate marketing:

  • I didn’t have a real plan of action
  • I was getting information from far too many sources

It would have been impossible for me to have a feasible plan of action. How could I, when I started with no knowledge of internet marketing at all?

And because I didn’t know what, or in what order, I needed to learn — I couldn’t know that getting information from too many sources was causing the maze of confusion.

How to stop information overwhelm

Ok, I admit it: There was a certain feeling of pride in working my fingers to the bones in the name of “my online business”.

I thought busyness and constant activity was the route to online success.

Time to Settle Down and Grow a Business

Well, I got over that! Now I’m into simple methods to:

  • learn
  • stay on track
  • make money
  • enjoy life

What I need now is an organized approach to affiliate marketing. A sustainable plan of action to keep me in a straight line, and focused.

This post only makes up a few of the basic ingredients and responsibilities to marketing online.

But when any one of these are left unattended, like weeds in a garden, they will soon start taking over all of your efforts. Consuming your mental energy and creating confusion and havoc.

There finally came the day that I sat myself down with pen and paper. I stopped the insanity of doing more and more, without knowing what or why I was doing it!

After devoting some time to:

  • Writing out exactly what had to be accomplished
  • Making a list of those core task
  • Discovering what exactly was sucking up my mental energy and time
  • Putting it all in time manageable frames for a one-man show

I could then know exactly what my aim was for both short and long terms. I knew what had to be done, where I was wasting time and could now set my goals for success.

What You’ll Learn From This Post

  • The core ingredients of internet affiliate marketing
  • Possible places you’ve been losing sales
  • Without a good plan to guide you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed

Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips for Success

Affiliate marketing starts with Research

Successful marketers research the market before opening a new business!

Here’s the point:

Just because you see a product you like, or think someone else would buy:

That’s not good enough!

Only when you know:

  • If people are searching for your prospective product
  • How much competition there is for the product
  • Whether or not you can rank your post and pages in the search results

— Will you know if you can launch a successful sales campaign.

Research, with keyword research tools, will be the most time-consuming part of your successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

People in your niche are depending on you to find them and answer their questions with keyword research.

So don’t be so impatient to make money, that you skip the research.

Keyword research is the first clue to the money trail.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

Here’s another way to think about it:

Would you prefer to buy something from someone who knows about the product

Or someone who knows nothing about the product?

See what I’m getting at?

You’ll be much better prepared to sell any affiliate product when you can write about it with authority.


When you know about the product and the niche, you will write much more convincing articles and sales letters.

Know what you are marketing

It’s great if you use the product yourself.

But what if that’s not feasible?

Just research the product until you feel like you own it!

How to Research Affiliate Products:

  • Spend time studying the affiliate resource pages
  • Read other blog post about the product
  • Search for the “product name + reviews” in Google
  • Look for the product on Amazon, and read the reviews

After studying what other people say about the product you’ll know more than your readers, and that’s what they were looking for all the time.

An expert opinion to help them make a purchasing decision.

Are all affiliate products profitable?

You may find your self with an affiliate product that you just can’t sell.

Of course, good research usually solves the problem before you start: but maybe your audience just isn’t interested?

Don’t give up too fast though?

Have you done everything you could to get targeted traffic? (We visit traffic in Tip #7)

It can take several months before the popular search engines start ranking your website pages in the SERPs.

So don’t get impatient and throw away a lot of work just when you are about to succeed.

Why aren’t you’re affiliate products converting to sales?

  • Do you own the product or know enough about it to be convincing?
  • Have you gone through all the affiliate training for the product?
  • Are you doing a good job of explaining the product and the value of owning it?
  • Do your readers understand how the product will help them?

If you’ve done all you can and worked with it long enough to see practical results, maybe it’s time to move on?

But the truth is:

It’s easy to give up and start building new websites — too fast.

You can read about how I was going too fast, building one niche site after the other, before I was ready.

Before I really learned enough to know what I should do?

And how it ended up costing me money instead of making money.

It’s called rinse and repeat.

But, I caution you again not to get in a hurry!

Here’s why:

  1. There is a lot to learn— and then learn how to implement that knowledge into your business
  2. Building out a website and making it productive is time-consuming
  3. You will waste money and time building new affiliate websites before you learn to make one profitable

Here’s the secret to adding more websites to your business:

  • First, get a website up for an affiliate product with plenty of post on it.
  • Make sure you have done your due diligence for good backlinks
  • Do everything you can to make the pages rank in the search engines
  • Be sure every post is on all of the social sites
  • Use these techniques to increase traffic and make conversions

One of the secrets to success as an affiliate marketer is careful study to see exactly what is working and what is not.

That’s right!

Making money with affiliate marketing hinges on knowing exactly what is working:

And what is wasting time, energy and money?

Once you start seeing which niche sites are profitable, copy those exact methods for the next sites.

Does the sales page convert to dollars?

As an Affiliate marketer you’ll send your readers to a product sales page:

Usually one you didn’t design, or write?

Don’t waste your potential customers

Some sales pages are just terrible!

In my own experience, Clickbank products have some of the worst sales pages imaginable.

Why is this important?

Because it takes a lot of work for us as marketers to:

  • Research keyword phrases
  • Locate great affiliate products for our readers
  • Write quality post
  • Get traffic to our sites
  • Learn how to get people to click on our affiliate links

Only to have them land on a crappy product sales page that never converts.

A profitable affiliate marketing sales page is:

  • Attractive
  • Seducing
  • Simple to make a purchase on
  • Without being overly complicated to view

Study the sales page before you promote the product.

Never forget that buyers leave a sales page because it doesn’t convince them to buy or join.

They may not trust the page or just couldn’t find the buy button.

Here’s an example of a sales page that works because it:

  1. Fits all the criteria of the above examples
  2. Puts the signup form in plain view — above the fold
  3. Includes real and trustworthy information
Converting readers to buyers

What if you find a product that you’re sure is a perfect fit for your own audience:

But has a crappy sales page that doesn’t convert?

  1. Skip the product sales page altogether and send your reader directly to the buy page
  2. Skip the product sales page and send the reader to your own sales page, and then to the buy page

I know what you’re thinking?

That’s a lot of work. Right?

Yes! But the bottom line is sales commission

Always give your readers the best chance to convert to buyers.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

And they are not created equal.

So, to avoid a lot of wasted work, time, money and confusion:

Take the time to research the ones that you intend to use.

Check out the payment plan, how much and when you will be paid. The more you know up front, the fewer problems you will face in the future.

Find out what’s against the rules for that particular program.

Stop affiliate surprises before they happen

Never join an affiliate program without reading their Terms of Service!

No! No! Don’t glance over the terms of service!

You’re a business person now, so take the time to see what your business is getting involved with.

ClickBank is one of the worlds leading affiliate sites for digital products.

But don’t get excited if you make a couple of sales that reaches your payment threshold?

And don’t get paid?

You’ll need 5 sales with 2 different types of credit cards before they start paying.

And what about this?

If you don’t meet the customer distribution requirement (that’s the credit card thing) quick enough:

They start fining your account each month for not selling enough.

So that you could have a few hundred dollars owed to you, and Click Bank wind up with all of it?

Those are just examples of what you need to learn from Terms of Service pages to stop surprises.

Because each affiliate marketing program has different regulations:

Do not skip their terms.

The world is full of buyers.

Your job is to:

  • Find them
  • Get them to your website
  • Convert them to buyers

Finding traffic and getting them to your website is the thrust of your business.

How to get people to your website?

Use online forums and social sites for engagement

1. Using social media  for traffic

Use the search function of Facebook to search for groups in your own niche. This puts you in contact with people that have an interest in your website.

You’ll find opportunities to:

  • Discover what people need, and are asking about when it comes to your own niche
  • Join in the discussion
  • Build a reputation for yourself and your website
  • Being patient and involved makes you the go to person in the groups you belong to

Be sure you have social media share buttons on your site, and Create accounts on:

  • Facebook,
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

Every time you publish a post, go through this list and share your new post on each one.

Remember to include your post main keyword in descriptions, and wherever possible.

2. Locate forums related to your own niche like this:

  • Use Findaforum.net
  • Just type the name of your niche + forums in search bar

Look for forums that are used regularly, join, become active, and you’ll find targeted traffic

3. Organic traffic from Long Tail Keyword phrases

Written content is the crux of every affiliate website, and quality content aimed at helping readers solve problems is the crux of your business.

It’s imperative to learn what people in your niche are searching for, and how they are searching.

What questions are they asking online?

There are numerous ways to discover long tail keyword phrases used in your niche:

and include:

  • Paying attention in the forums
  • Keeping your eyes and ears open in the social groups
  • Quora.com
  • Keyword research tools, paid and free in chapter 2

Find keyword phrases that your prospective audience uses and answer their questions, and solve their problems.

Both search engines and real people like:

  • Product reviews
  • List post
  • How to post

You need people to spend time on your website!

But they’ll move right along if you’re site is:

  1. Spammy
  2. Hard to navigate
  3. Lacks helpful content

#1 Spammy Websites

They didn’t get there by accident: They were looking for something when they dropped in.

If they can’t find what they were looking for, why would they stick around?

As an affiliate marketer, you may want ads and banners on your website:

But if visitors can’t find or concentrate on the content for the ads and banners, they’ll quickly click off to another option.

#2 Ease of Use

Easy navigation that instantly alerts visitors to what’s up on your site is critical!

Every part of your website should be connected to navigation, and easy to understand.

Make your navigation bars and labels:

  • Descriptive
  • Concise
  • Ordered

Read more about common navigation mistakes here:

#3 Website Visitors are Searching for Help

If you walk into a brick and mortar business and don’t find what you came for, you might just look around and buy something else?

Not likely on a website!

When I’m searching the web, read a blog description in the SERPs, and click on that page:

I expect to find content that is helpful at the least. And I expect the content to reflect what the SERPs description suggested.

If not, I just increased your bounce rate!

Sometimes it’s difficult to write content for affiliate products, but it’s not impossible when your primary interest is helping your audience solve their problems.

Why re-invent your affiliate website?

Why not just spend some time browsing other popular blogs and deciding what you like — and dislike?

Try to model your own website after the most popular blogs in your own niche.  And add your own creative touches.

When you visit any website take the time to really look at it:

  • Is it easy to read and simple, or all cluttered up
  • Does it have so many adds in the content and sidebar that it’s difficult to find helpful info
  • Is it easy to navigate
  • Is it visually appealing
  • Do you know right away what the site is about

Website pages perform better when people can easily see if the website is what they’re looking for.

That’s the reason it’s great to keep your mind open to really looking over every website you land on every day.

Think about how easy it is for you to read, and find just what you came looking for:

Or how difficult it is?

Are you neglecting the free affiliate resources?

Most affiliate marketing programs will provide free resources: some better than others.

When you sign up for an affiliate program it’s important to look for the Affiliate Home Page:

And go over everything made available to you.

This is often where you find your affiliate links

  • Banner adds
  • Videos
  • Pre-written email templates
  • Articles to put on your website
  • Etc.

Some affiliate programs will have special training to help you succeed.

Look for a Welcome Email

You should find links to everything they offer in the first email concerning your registration.

Many affiliate programs have there own affiliate manager to serve and help you towards your own success.

So, do not neglect these free services to help you make money online.

How to locate Affiliate pages?

Most affiliate programs will send a welcome email with details about getting started:

But not all.

Sometimes I can’t find a resource page for an affiliate program I signed up for?

Sometimes I see a product—and wonder if they have an affiliate program?

How to find them?

I know about an affiliate program: The 3 Week Diet affiliate.

I merely Googled this….The 3 Week Diet affiliate:

and found this

I clicked on the results in the image, went to their resource page (which is great) and copied the blue image above.

It’s simple to take advantage of free resources from the people with the most experience with the product.

And lame to not take advantage of everything they offer.

The money is in the list


  • Most people don’t make a purchase until they’ve been on your page several different times.
  • People who make purchases from your website are more likely to make more purchases from you.
  • If you get them on your own email list you can stay in contact and sell to them again and again.

Building a list of people to stay in touch with and promote products to is an essential part of internet affiliate marketing.

List building is so vital to internet marketing:

That you should consider email marketing a separate business:

Partnering with your website.

Because your list of people is known to be active on the internet—they are your greatest business asset.

Building an email list starts with:
  • Optin forms on your website
  • Text links to landing pages with opt-in forms

It’s hard to have too many places that provide readers a place to join your mailing list.

So be creative and put them everywhere.

As traffic to your website increases, more and more people will respond to your opt-in boxes and links.

Send your email subscribers a newsletter on a regular basis. This keeps your name and affiliate products in front of them constantly.

There are multitudes of Email autoresponder services, some free, some paid.

Popular free autoresponders include:
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite

As your business and email list grows you will most likely need to expand to paid autoresponders.

You can read this article about the industry-standard Email Marketing Service Provider.

Learning to use email marketing productively is key to your success.

Wanna know where most affiliate marketers fail?

I believe the reason so many:

  • Never make nearly enough money for the time and effort spent
  • Spend a ton of money uselessly
  • Fail
  • Quit
  • And probably always wonder why they weren’t successful

Is because they never got in the mindset that they were actually operating a business.

It’s easy to figure out how to get a website, get a few posts on it, find an affiliate product, and spend countless hours trying to make sense of the process.

And never see the rhythm of affiliate marketing on the internet.

And never see yourself as a real business owner.

How to be successful online

Success will come when you:

  • Stop what you’re doing and make a plan. Stop going in circles and write down every piece of the puzzle that must come together to make it work.
  • Start telling yourself and all those around you that you are self-employed and in business for yourself. This will help you to actually commit to the process for the long term.
  • Start thinking like a business person instead of “Maybe this will work out?” and “Maybe I can figure this affiliate marketing thing out?”
  • Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals keeps you abreast of all of the little pictures inside the big picture.

Whether you have a website with affiliate products:

Or you are just getting into the internet marketing picture — Do yourself a favor and take a look at my # 1 recommendation for success.

This is the worlds premier training site for access to everything you need to be online as an affiliate marketer.

Step by step training, community, the best hosting plan on the web and more.

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