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The thing About Income Plums is that they’re everywhere online! But here’s the problem: Some of those plums are so tiny, you would waste your time and effort to get involved with them. On the otherhand, some online income opportunities are just a great fit for retired people and senior citizens.  


Finding Financial Freedom Rocks

Eight years ago I started learning about methods and techniques to earn money online, and have never looked back.

There’s nothing like it! 

a little house sitting on top of a computer for Work at home jobs at incomeplumsWorking from my computer at home, setting my own hours, being my own boss, and learning new skills is the most rewarding way I know to be in control of my life.

There are plenty of methods in the world to earn money that doesn’t require a computer (and we’ll talk some about that too), but mostly this site is about:

People Making Money Online

That’s because the internet is the largest shopping mall in the world, maybe the universe?

In fact I read recently that over 8 billion dollars will be spent online this year.

If There are Spenders There Must Be Sellers

Don’t you agree?

icon image man opening door to start a business onlineI am sure you do, and you probably have the same question I had:

“How can I get in on the action?”

I needed a way out of the financial situation I was in, I love learning new skills, I wanted to work at home:

But I was smart enough to see that there are a lot or pie in the sky offers online.

In fact a lot of them looked like straight up lies to me. 

Yet, I knew people had to be making money online. 

And I wanted in, so I kept digging until I found honest ways to supplement my income — at first.

Until I Was In Business At Home

Well, the thing is that most of us these days have a computer and internet connection.

All about income plums working in a libraryBut hey, even if you don’t have an internet connection at home, you’re probably close to a coffee shop or Mcdonalds with a WiFi connection.

In fact I’ve spent a lot of hours sitting around Starbucks and libraries operating my business from a laptop.

The moment I realized that I could actually make money using my computer is the moment I retired from the rat race, and changed my lifestyle. 

In my case, I wanted out of the 9 -5, sitting in traffic, and working constantly to help other people take long vacations and ride in nice automobiles.

I Wanted To Be My Own Company

In the last 8 years I’ve filtered through a lot of income opportunities and have enough experience under my belt to know what actually works and what doesn’t. 

To tell you the truth, I’ve spent enough money learning and practicing various techniques, that I have a pretty good education in,  and an eye for,  online scams. 

But the best part is:

I Know the Real Opportunities Online

But to be honest, that didn’t happen right away. In fact, not for a couple of years.

You see, I had to go through several different business models that really sucked, before my efforts started paying off.

Today I own and operate more than one website business, and:

I can help you see the pros and cons of different ways to make money online, and some to stay away from.

finger pointing out of computer showing the way to real opportunities

So that’s what we do here at IncomePlums.com.

We are all about helping you make money online and avoid wasting precious time and hard earned money. 

So get ready to encounter the regular articles we publish to keep you informed of the best options and opportunities on the web.

Whether you’re:

  • Retired
  • About to retire
  • College student
  • Stay at home mom/dad
  • Etc.

We’re here to keep you posted.

We know money matters! And we know the internet, too.

At Income Plums we know about money, starting businesses online, finding employment opportunities, planning for retirement, and a lot more.

So our goal is to bring you regular information and review articles to help you bring the internet and making money together.

When you bring the two into alignment you can:

  • Own your own successful online business
  • Work full or part time right at home
  • Replace your present income
  • Supplement your retirement
  • Change your lifestyle

Our Goal is to Help You

We also know that there is just no such thing as being too young, or too old to learn about ways to earn more money.

It’s just never too late, or too early, to start planning for tomorrow.

Sometimes life calls for more income, and sometimes we need to change our circumstances.

And we’re excited about helping you achieve more today and plan for a better tomorrow.

Where Did the Name “Income Plums” come from?

About Page Purple tree with 3 round circles representing income plums drawing

Of course a plum is a fruit, but the word is also used informerly to denote things like:

  • Unanticipated large increases in money
  • Something desirable, or excellent

We’re so passionate about helping you find your own income plums, that we write this blog and post to it regularly to help you make a better life.



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