Are You Marketing To Search Engines Or Buyers?

are you marketing to search engines or buyers

My affiliate sites thrive on free organic traffic from search engines and that takes up a lot of my work schedule. The time spent and what I read on the web makes it easy to get caught up in SEO marketing — and forget search engines aren’t my customers.

Are You Marketing To Search Engines Or Buyers?

Believe it or not, some very successful affiliate marketers don’t worry themselves at all with search engines. They simply concentrate on finding problems to be solved, discovering where people with those problems hang out on the web, and meeting buyers there.

Marketing is about people, not search engines: and people can quickly recognize whether you are marketing to them or Google.  As a marketer, you’ll need to know what causes people to buy something from you?

What Makes People Buy Online?

Is it the length of your post? Will a 1500 word article make more sales than a 500-word post? Does page position in google search results determine how many sales you make? Does more affiliate links mean more sales?

To tell you the truth each of those may impact the number of sales you make from your website, but you’re wasting your time if this is where you’re efforts are concentrated.

People Don’t Buy SEO

Why? Because none of those are marketing. Each can be a piece of the marketing puzzle, but none of that is helping people solve their problems. Take a look at how the American Marketing Association defines marketing:

The activity and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers.

Check out the last two words of the definition: “for customers“.  Now compare that to all the time you spend attempting to get Google to show your post in the SERPS.  It’s easy to get caught up in the SEO trap and think you are a marketer, but it’s not really.

Here’s why:

  • Your sales have nothing to do with where you rank in google
  • Nothing to do with a number of backlinks to your site
  • Nothing to do with how many times you put a keyword in your article
  • The length of your post has nothing to do with your sales
  • Sales volume has nothing to do with which traffic source you concentrate on

Think about this:

Sales on the internet occur when real people find a real solution to a real problem.

Do you think people with a problem care about how many backlinks you have, how many times you put your keyword in an article, how long your post is or where they found you?

Of course not!

People only care about the content that is genuine and targeted at solving their specific problems.

Their problems — not yours!

So you make sales when a group of people who have a problem land on your page and find content that helps them solve their problems. Now they become customers and bring you money.

What it takes is targeted traffic with specific problems,  content which addresses the specific problems, followed by you showing them a product that will solve the problem. Here’s how it looks:

  1. First, you find a problem that a group of people has in common.
  2. Now figure out the solution to this problem and how you can help solve it.
  3. Either find the product and use it as an affiliate offer or create a product that offers the solution.
  4. Now create content to address the problem and points to the solution which you have for them.

As you are creating content and building your website find out where your target audience hangs out.

Now drive your target audience from where they are already hanging out to your own website and make sales from either your email marketing or content pages.

There are several problems with depending entirely on traffic from search engines:

  • Too much of it has no real interest in buying your product
  • You wind up devoting all of your efforts and time to marketing to search engines while forgetting that it’s people who spend money, not search engines.
  • SEO changes constantly and you are always at risk of your site dropping completely off the radar due to Google updates

There are more concrete methods to advertise your online business, actually connect to the people who are looking for what you offer, and make money.

Be sure to check back, because this is the first post of a series to help all of us actually get more affiliate traffic that is anxious to buy and spread the word about the products we represent.

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