Man sitting in window reading best selling retirement planning books.

Best Selling Retirement Planning Books

While putting together this list of the 7 Best Selling Retirement Planning Books — I first looked for accurate and up-to-date information and advice — from people with experience. I sought simple to read retirement planning books with easy to follow action plans that cover topics to help in every area of your retirement. The fact … Read more

image with how to supplement a retirement income

How to Supplement a Retirement Income

You’re not by yourself — a lot of us are asking how to supplement a retirement income these days. While some retirees need the extra income to exist, others see how additional income would make life better for themselves and their family. Still other people are bored and look for new activities to fill the … Read more

Senior couple at laptop doing online marketing

Online Marketing for Seniors Takes the Edge Off Retirement

To tell you the truth, I was beginning to wonder if this whole retirement thing was all it was cracked up to be? I was going stir crazy and needed something constructive to occupy my time. That’s when the “online marketing for seniors” ads started catching my attention. The computer was fast becoming my go … Read more

Senior man giving senior woman life after retirement advice

Life After Retirement Advice

Just ask anybody you know about retiring and you’ll get plenty of life after retirement advice?  A lot of online retirement advice is about money and planning which is super important.  However, when the day arrives the planning is over, and it’s time to get in and live the life you’ve looked forward to for … Read more

finding your passion after retirement

Finding Your Passion After Retirement

Finding your passion after retirement can be one of the most rewarding times of you life. If you weren’t able, or just didn’t have the time, to find your passion before you retired — there’s no time like right now! Finding your passion is key to great retirement years, because without something you enjoy doing … Read more

2 retired people riding bicycles for ideas of what to do after retirement

12 Ideas of What to do After Retirement

With no ideas of what to do after retirement, time slows to a stop. After retiring, your lifelong routines are abruptly replaced with looking for ideas to keep busy. Believe it not, life can get pretty boring with nothing to do after retirement. You’ll relish your retirement years when you find activities to keep you … Read more

Planning book with list of best retirement planning blogs

Best Retirement Planning Blogs

5 of the Best Retirement Planning Blogs online that you should be reading. The blogs I’ve listed cover a variety of topics, all relating to planning your own retirement years and what to expect. We all get excited at the mention of retiring, but you don’t want to retire your lifestyle do you? If not, … Read more

dollar bill 401k bursting out the middle for when I retire what happens to my 401k

When I Retire What Happens To My 401k?

When I retire what happens to my 401K could be one of the most important questions you’re asking today. If you’re planning your retirement and have a 401k you need to know what happens to your investment when you retire. In fact, there are several 401K options at your disposal when you retire: Leave the money … Read more

two empty blue Adirondack chairs on beach deciding when to retire from work

When To Retire From Work

Deciding when to retire from work can be confusing and complex as both personal and financial factors come into to play. However planning and ideas about what to expect after retirement can help take the anxiety out of making your own retirement decisions. Life itself seems like a steady march towards retirement for some people. … Read more

Senior citizen gardening and wondering what to do about retirement

What To Do About Retirement

Thinking about What to do About Retirement and making solid plans beforehand is key to getting the most from your new life. It is easy to neglect planning for retirement. As a matter of fact: when you’re doing all you can to keep your children in clothes and a place to live, making financial plans for retirement … Read more