What You Need To Know About Succeeding With Online Marketing

We know that at least 97% of the people that start out with online marketing fail miserably and quit.

They simply could never connect all the dots to make success happen. 

And even though I don’t know the statistics, probably a large percentage of those now believe affiliate marketing is a scam.

It’s time you hear the truth about How To Succeed With Online Marketing.

Here’s the deal about succeeding online:

It’s easy to think that successful marketers have it easy. As if they just figured out how to start their own blog and like magic, they’re making money.

It’s easy to think that succeeding online is just “easy peasy”.

Turns out, that’s not true at all.

But there are some common denominators for the successful 3% online.

How to Succeed With Online Marketing the Easy Way

Truth is, online marketing may not be easy. But it gets easier, more fun, and more profitable along the way.

When you know-how!

So let’s see if there’s anything you can change when it comes to your own efforts.

4 Tips for Online Success

1. Consistency in your marketing efforts is key

Getting yourself consistent in all of your efforts is the first key to success.

Face it, you need to take your website seriously like it’s a business.  Without that, there’s no way to predict when your reader will show up next?

Or if they will ever read your content.

When I have questions about my online business, I have websites that come to mind immediately.

Those marketers are providing regular information on their own site that will help me solve my problems.

I am confident that I can rely on them as a regular resource. 

I trust them! And I trust products they recommend for me to purchase.

I consistently go back to the sites I trust and depend on.

If you plan on selling your affiliate products and services, proving yourself to your readers is key to your success.

Readers need to know that they can rely on you for updated information on a regular basis.

When it comes to your consistency you’ll need:

  1. Goals
  2. A Calendar
  3. List of daily, weekly, and monthly activities to keep your site updated constantly

As you begin the process of setting your own goals, and actually scheduling your task to stay consistent, you will already be in the 3% of successful marketers.

But even more, will happen to you as a professional. 

Your consistency spells commitment to yourself and your audience.

Staying consistent will help you start to see yourself as committed to your Internet business.

Consistency can separate you from the hit and miss program the other 97% were using.

2. You must know who you’re marketing too.

Another of the common denominators of successful online affiliate marketers is knowing their audience and how to help them. 

Most of the failures with online marketing never had a clue to whom they were marketing their affiliate products?

The terrible part is that they could have been working at success with a vengeance.

They could have been writing great content, making videos, learning about best SEO practices: The whole 9 yards.

But the fact is that if you were to have asked them who their own target audience was:

Well, they really had no idea?

To be successful, you must know your audience.

Who you’re going after, and what they are looking for online.

It’s simply not enough to merely have a website with content and all else that goes with it.

Not for the success you’re after.

In order to make your marketing efforts click with a potential audience, you’ll need to know:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems are they struggling with?
  • What products do they want and think will help them?

Here’s one method to use when you’re a beginner affiliate marketer:

Start out by taking the time to imagine the person who would be interested in your website.

You could imagine someone you know personally as you’re writing blog posts

Either pick out someone you know, or just imagine one single person who would really benefit from your website, and what you have to offer.

By making up this person in your mind — writing and offering products directly to that person — writing content is easier.

And believe or not, there will be real people out there who resonate with your blog post and your efforts to help them overcome their own problems and questions.

3. Successful Marketers find places to advertise their business

The fact is that you will probably never be able to rely solely on your blog for traffic.

You are going to have to get your name out there on social networks and forums to be successful.

Thinking that your website businesses will one day just become wildly popular, is wasting your time.

You must actively seek website visitors for the life of your business.

The thriving 3% are:

  • Doing videos on their own Youtube channel
  • Making podcast
  • Staying active in Facebook groups
  • Participating in forums that relate to their business

Your own efforts should include these as well.

Finding Facebook groups and forums to participate in is free. And they have the potential to bring traffic to your site quickly and long term.

Videos and podcast may not be in your own budget at the moment, but they definitely need to be in your long-range plans.

Thinking through now, how you will get started with video and podcast is a mental commitment to our marketing success.

As you begin to implement new advertising strategies into your business with consistent action:  additional exposure will keep your audience growing. 

4. Outsourcing makes online marketing easy

I can’t emphasis how important outsourcing is to the future growth of your business.

Outsourcing and planning could be the most important elements to successful online businesses.

As you have already found out, there is much involved in maintaining and Internet affiliate marketing business.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

And give up.

The way to avoid burn out and failure is to get help.

Outsource the parts of your business that is either too time consuming, or you just hate doing.

To tell you the truth, the surviving and flourishing 3% have found ways to hand part of their business task over to other people.

Here’s how to start thinking of outsourcing:

  1. Decide what you do best
  2. What makes you money

Figure out how to focus all of your attention and labor on these,  and hand off the rest to someone else.

This may be quite a bit more affordable than you’ve realized.

Sometimes you’ll be able to outsource the task for as little as $2 an hour.

The fact is that you need to start challenging yourself to see your own marketing business as an authentic business venture.

By making this mental move, you’ll be able to factor this outsourcing in as a necessity to your business.

You can see for yourself that online success is within your reach.

All it really takes is knowing how to succeed online and a few changes to what you’re doing presently.

Have you started your own internet marketing efforts yet?

What are you waiting on

It may be time to take the plunge, and change your life forever?

Have you been working your life away with little or no success online?

Is it time for you to start connecting the dots that lead to real and long term online profitable marketing.

Can I just be honest with you?

The internet is full of failed business that started out with the best of intentions and a lot of hard work that simply didn’t pay off.

There are so many dots to connect to make the line from beginner to profit real.

What about a proven blueprint that has worked and continues to work for thousands of marketers online?

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