How to Use Affiliate Products on Your Blog for Extra Income

You’ve been blogging for a while now, and wondering if you could make a little income with affiliate products. You’ve read about bloggers using their website for income, but you’re not sure how to get started.

And you’re not so sure if selling affiliate products is the direction you want to go or not? Let’s just talk a little about:

Using Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Fact is, earning money with a blog isn’t that difficult.

Affiliate sales require:

  1. Traffic on your blog
  2. Affiliate Products to advertise

When you have visitors to your website and products that interest your readers — or your niche — your chances of making sales are excellent.

What is selling affiliate products?

Affiliate Marketing is no more than any person you may know who works on a commission basis.

It’s the practice of a company paying its salespeople, or affiliates, commissions for helping to bring about sales.

To be affiliated with simply means to be attached to a particular group or business. Same principle with online affiliate marketing.

You advertise affiliate products on your blog for a commission.

When it comes to your own blog, affiliate sales online is a legitimate method to earn money or make a full time living. And there’s no shortage of affiliate products to promote on your blog. 

Your success depends on choosing the right products —  along with how much effort you put into promoting them.

Using affiliate products on your blog can increase your traffic.

Advertising and discussing affiliate items on your blog gives search engines an opportunity to pick up new keywords. New keywords can mean your posts will show up in more places, sending more traffic.

Now you not only have new readers, but you also have an opportunity to earn money from blogging.

Starting out with programs and products with brand awareness.

Recognizable brands and products make it easy for both you and your readers. When you’re readers recognize the products there’s no need for extensive explanations or sales pitches.

You can either mention the product in conversation in a related post or even do an entire review type post for your audience.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to have an online business.

With affiliate products, you’ll never need customer service, shipping, or any of the other inconveniences of a traditional business. Getting your affiliate links in appropriate places on your blog is your primary concern.

And that gets easier as you go.

How to promote affiliate products

You can learn to gently entice your readers to click on your affiliate links, or merely include an advertising banner on your blog, and forget it. Of course, the more click-throughs you get, the more money you’ll make from your website.

If you’re depending on someone to click on your banner ads, you won’t have much success. Readers trust links that are part of your conversation more so than affiliate banners.

Types of Affiliate Products 

Affiliate products for your website come in every size shape and form. Besides almost every major retailer now offering affiliate programs:

Take a look at the Top 10 Affiliate Networks for 2017.

Don’t make the mistake of looking for the products with the highest rewards and forget your audience.

Your first priority will be to match products to the wants and needs of your own blog audience. So take your time and wise decisions that will pay off in the long run. 

You can choose between:

  • Digital products
  • E-books
  • Video courses
  • Software
  • Legal advice
  • Physical products
  • Etc.

You can see right away that the sky’s the limit when it comes to products to advertise on your blog.

So that you shouldn’t have any trouble matching products to readers.

Here are some ways to earn from affiliate programs

  • Pay per sale. This is a commission-based method of earning from your readers clicking on your link to a merchants site. When they make a purchase you will get credit for the sale, and part of the money.
  • Pay per lead. This affiliate option pays you each time a reader from your blog fills out a questionnaire or an application form.
  • Pay per click. This method is similar to the pay per sale, except that it pays for click-throughs from your link. This link can be either a text or banner add on your site. Whether or not your reader buys, you get paid for the click through to the merchant site.
  • Flat-fee referrals.​ In this instance, the merchant pays you a fee for every referral you send. You’ll be paid whether or not they buy.

There are even more methods to use affiliate marketing, but it would take another entire post to get into tiered marketing.

How to Sell Affiliate Products on Your Site? 

Now that you’ve decided to try using an affiliate product on your own blog — These will be your top priorities:

Your Audience.

These are real people visiting your website and like what they read from you.

Your audience must be your first consideration.

Think about your niche, and in general what you are writing about on your posts. What’s the main topic of your website?

Choose products that are highly relevant to your existing audience. For instance, if your blog is about weight loss, it’s doubtful that your audience will be interested woodworking PDFs?

You would be surprised at the number of blogs trying to sell products and failing, that have nothing in common with their website.

 Keep it relevant!

Personal recommendations.

​Personal recommendations will always be your best shot at making money from affiliate products.

The most clicked link will be from you explaining your personal experience with the item. This expands your credibility as an affiliate blogger. 

Genuinely recommending and staying open and honest about your products will attract readers and sales. 

Your readers will quickly see through what you are doing when you are less than honest, and won’t come back for long.

The next best link will be from you having knowledge from researching and reading reviews so that you can help your readers make a buying decision. 

Just tell them what you do know about the product you’re asking them to purchase, and they will trust you.

Quality First.

The internet is full of junk affiliate products. Your readers may purchase these on your word, but when they have the item in hand will doubt your own credibility as a blogger.

Every one expects quality from their purchases, so don’t undermine your efforts and their trust with shoddy products to make a buck.

If you don’t own it, do your research and read reviews. Now you’ll have a great information to convey to help with solving problems for your readers.

How to Get Clickthroughs

Contextual links get the most clicks.

You can display banner ads all over your website, but they’ll never get the clicks that the links in your content get.

Your readers are there because they are interested in what you have to say, not a bunch of advertisements that interfere with the process.

If you’ve written an article about growing roses readers are far more likely to click on a link in the conversation than on a banner ad in the sidebar.

Your readers will enjoy clicking on your links when they are part of a sentence and relevant to the conversation.

Cluttering your blog with affiliate banners is bad news!

Don’t make your blog one giant advertisement billboard. Beginner bloggers often make this mistake, and it makes a bad user experience for your blog.

You’ll alienate your readers that you need to send more traffic through social shares and other traffic sources.

Just pick one or two great products that you think will serve your readers and talk to them about what you’ve found. 

Your readers will respond to your affiliate offers when they trust that they come first, and not your personal affiliate sales.

Honesty is the best policy for affiliate marketing

It’s important to be transparent with your readers that you are promoting products as an affiliate. This usually means including privacy policy, and affiliate disclosure on your blog for starters.

Sometimes you may even want to mention to your readers that they are clicking on an affiliate link you have in your text.

Wrapping up using affiliate products on your blog

Just like blogs, and any online business, your best shot at making money from your blog with affiliate products is to simply keep your readers as your top priority.

They will appreciate you, keep coming back, bring friends, and follow your advice. 

The best way to learn affiliate marketing

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