How to Work From Home On The Computer


My own big break came when I discovered how to work from home on the computer — and be successful at it.

Like a lot of successful solopreneurs online I had several false starts along the way. However, I could see early on that making money from home on the computer was possible.

Like you, I meant to find out how people were working from home and making money at it!

And as it turns out:

There are a lot of ways to make money online from home.

What we run into as beginners is having no idea how to get started. We don’t know where to start, or how to differentiate the legitimate opportunities from the online scams.

That’s why I want to give you an honest look at a few ways to make money with your computer.

How To Work From Home On The Computer

These are all legit ways to make money with a computer device and an internet connection.

Make no mistake about it though, like starting anything new, you’ll likely encounter a learning curve.

Most of us just starting out online never stop to think that we are going to need to learn a ton of new things.

Unless you’ve already been in business online, there’s going to be plenty to learn.

The following are authentic and legitimate methods to make money using your own computer at home.

1. Blogging 

Blogging is what you are reading at this moment. To make money with a blog it’s important to pick a niche that you are passionate about.  (a niche is a topic of interest to a particular group of people)

Just like yourself, most people on the web are looking for helpful information. It’s the bloggers job to help answer questions and solve problems for readers.

The reason for picking a niche that you’re passionate about is simple:

Who wants to research the web and relay information day after day about something you’re not interested in?

Blogging is no get rich quick scheme. It actually takes minimal learning skills and dedication to the process in order to succeed.

But the income you could produce as a result of your training, work, and dedication to sucess could quite well surpass your wildest dreams.

How You Make Money Blogging

  • Promote affiliate products
  • Get paid for advertising on your blog
  • Get paid for publishing other people’s post on your blog
  • Sell your own E-books
  • Sell your own courses

2. Affiliate Marketing

Almost every major store and product now has affiliate programs that will pay you a commision for sending buyers to their web page. You can read more detailed information about affiliate marketing on this post.

You sign up with places like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, JC Penney, Macy’s, and most of your own favorite places to shop. They give you a link with your own special ID in it to use in places like:

  • Your own blog
  • Social Media sites
  • Word of mouth
  • Emails

When someone clicks on your ID (affiliate link) and makes a purchase — you get a commission.
Affiliate networks are waiting for you to encourage people to visit their websites and they make it easy for you to make money.

Sometimes, quite a substantial amount of money.

There are so many legitimate affiliate marketing networks that it’s easy to find products that match with the niche you choose for your blog.

Besides the major retailers looking for affiliates, there are online affiliate networks.

Here’s just a few profitable affiliate networks:

ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks online. Shareasale has been online for 18 years now and offer 1000s of products for you to promote on your own blog. They pay in multiple currencies and have plenty of support including live chat, phone, a blog with the latest topics and answers to your questions.

MarketHealth is a more specialized affiliate network that focuses entirely on health and beauty products for your website. You’ll find the latest Dr Oz fads to promote at Market health. With your own computer and blog you won’t have any trouble working from home and you can rake in some big bucks with health and beauty products.

ClickBank is probably one of the largest and most well known affiliate networks online. Anyone working from home in affiliate marketing is familiar with ClickBank. They’re one of the oldest, and have a tremendous amount of offers to promote. You’ll find anything from software to exercise courses there and everything in between.
Even though these are only 3 of thousands, you can see that there are plenty of products to match your own niche and passions. Check out the best place on earth to learn affiliate marketing.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing online makes you self employed and offering your services to other bloggers and website owners.

These are a few skills you can always sell online as a freelancer:

  • Writing sales copy
  • Knowledge of how to research the web and write content gives the skills to write for other websites
  • Almost every web page uses photos, so if you’re a photographer you can sell your work to Shutterstock
  • Web designers
  • Bookkeeping
  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer support

Do you have computer tech skills?

Most people working from their computer at home have few tech skills, and there’s plenty of people willing to pay freelancers to keep their websites up and running.

These are only a few examples of how you could use your home PC to make money freelancing.

Where to Get Freelancing Jobs Online


When you’re looking for ways to pay your bills, freelancing may be the fastest way to start making money.

4. Write kindle Books

Not long after I started my own online career, I found Kindle book publishing, and continue to make money from that each month. In fact I believe book publishing can produce as great an income as blogging for many people.

The catch is, that you’ll need your own blog to be successful with Kindle books.

Like everything online, there are many ways to make money with Kindle.

  • Do you love writing novels, or have you always wanted to get started? People are buying millions a month from Amazon.
  • But you don’t have to write novels. Individuals can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year researching and writing for popular niche categories.

So, there’s plenty of room in Amazon Kindle books for new publishers. 

The key to making money with E-books on amazon is for you to do the niche topic research, and then hire ghost writers to write the content.

Of course you’ll need to write and publish the first few until you make enough money to start outsourcing your business.

In each Kindle book you’ll give away a bonus that requires a buyer to go to your blog and leave their email address.

With their email address you’re able to keep in touch with satisfied customers to continue selling more ebooks to over time.

So, it goes back to where we started, doesn’t it?

To make decent money working from home on your computer always come back to owning your own blog and finding niches.

5. Drop Shipping From Your Home Computer

dropshipping from home on the computer

Drop shipping is popular right now online, and can be a lucrative way to work from home.

With drop shipping you’re selling physical products online and work with drop-shipping companies who handle the actual inventory.

Dropshipping is a way for stores to avoid keeping products they sell in stock. What the original seller does is to purchase the product after it’s sold by you from a third party.

The third party is responsible for shipping directly to customers, after you send in the order. The result is that you advertise and promote the product online, and neither you nor the original merchant ever sees or touches the product.

Compared to what we think of as the standard retailing business model, there’s 3 companies involved:

  • The selling merchant
  • You
  • The manufacturer

The original merchant only purchases inventory as you sell it on the internet, and the manufacturer fulfills the orders.

Pros and Cons of A Dropshipping Business from Home?


1. Easy to get started

Many dropshippers are using sites like:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Volusion

to get started. And for good reason.

These companies provide you with the website you’ll need to promote and sell your products. No need for you to learn how to start your own blog, hire developers, or even know how to add products to your store.

2. You won’t need to deal with purchasing any inventory, or even warehousing it. 

You can run the entire business from home on a laptop for as little as $100 dollars a month to start. As your business and profits grow, your expenses will rise, but never be as much as running a brick and mortar business.

3. Work from anywhere

Like any computer based business, you will never be confined to home with dropshipping.

Run your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. All you’ll need is a way to communicate with your customers and your suppliers to manage your home based business.

4. Ship an array of products

You’ll not have to purchase the products you’re selling ahead of time, so you can list any products your suppliers are retailing. All you’ll need to do is list the products on your own website pages.

5. Scaling your business couldn’t be easier

No matter what business you’re in at home or elsewhere, more business means more work. However, with dropshipping most of the work is done by the suppliers you deal with.

Like affiliate marketing, you will expand your business as the need arises brought from growth. You can expand your business incrementally with few limitations and growing pains.


1. The dropshippers can make or break you.

You’ll need to do your research to make sure you’re working with verified, reliable, and safe dropshipping companies. If you make sales, and the dropshipper doesn’t do his job correctly, you lose customers.

2. Running out of inventory is a deal breaker.

You have a lot of work, time, and energy in finding customers and making sales. If your dropshippers run out of inventory and run shortages, it falls back on you.  You are now losing customers, prestige, and profits.

3. Very little control of your business.
As a dropshipper you are always at the mercy of other people and companies. To be successful you’ll have a lot to learn about keeping and managing inventories that you really have no control over.

6. Paid Surveys

To tell you the truth, tons of people starting working from home online with paid surveys.  Seems like they are an easy place to get your feet wet and see how you like working on a computer.

There are hundreds of paid survey sites, I’ve joined scores, and personally find them all a waste of time and energy.

online surveys to work at home on the computerFirst thing to know about getting paid from online surveys is that you won’t be getting rich. Anyone telling you that you can earn hundreds of dollars a week is merely not telling the truth.

You will find that it usually takes from 10 to 30 minutes to complete one survey for much less than a dollar. That means you’ll be spending a lot of time on your computer for very little pay.

I think I see more advertisement and discussion about survey sites as a method to use your computer to make money than any other.

And I have no idea why?

Perhaps the lure to paid survey sites is that you work from home with no upfront cost at all. Well, that is other than a computer device and an internet connection.
If you aren’t really interested in your own business online and just like reading and answering questions, join as many as you can find.

You aren’t likely to make any money from paid surveys

As you’ll see, most of these sites advertise that they pay with cash or gift cards. But good luck getting either from them.

And the reason I mentioned that they’re a good way to pass your time, is because even if you do get paid — you will literally work for pennies an hour.

Here’s a list of Popular Survey Sites to apply at:

MySurvey – They’ll pay you for surveys, product testing, and keeping up with your own experiences with them. Paypal or gift cards.

Clix Sense – This company has joined up with many survey sites. Joining them puts you in touch with Toluna, YourSurveys, Opinion World and more.

Swagbucks – This a a really popular survey site that claims to have paid out over 195 million bucks. They give you points for playing games, watching videos online, shopping and taking polls. Download there own browser search bar and earn points for typing in keywords.

Survey Junkie – This site has over 3 million members with one of the highest ratings for survey sites. All you need to do is get 1000 points and earn about $10 payable with cash through paypal, or gift cards.

7. More Ways To Use Your Computer to Make Money From Home

I thought I’d give you a couple more suggestions for making money online. Even though I’ve tried just about everything, I am familiar with the next ideas, but have never tried them myself.

1. No Risk Matched Betting – I hear often that this a pretty good way to make money, even though I doubt there’s such a thing as no risk betting?

It’s legal, and you seem to be betting on both sides of the bet. I would merely google it and see what you come up with.

2. Get Paid for Doing Web pays you for doing searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Seems like you install an add-on in your own browser and some of your normal searches will result in sponsored searches showing up that pays cash?

There’s no minimum payout, and as soon as you’re paid it will either show up in your PayPal account, or you’ll be asked to donate it to charity?

The Best Way to Make Money Online From Home

Those are multiple methods you can use to actually make money from your own computer right at home.

Will you make any money personally for your work?

To tell you the truth most people who start out with high hopes to make money from home quit with no money made, and quite discouraged.

But believe it not, you do not have to be one of those! Why not work from home on your computer and make money?

Enough money that you could change your life and lifestyle.

What it really takes to make money from an internet business

  1. A computer and an internet connection
  2. Your own website
  3. Hosting
  4. A domain name
  6. Commitment to the training and your business

If you need money immediately, I would advise you not to look for it on the internet. For one thing when you need money fast, you’re quite likely to fall prey to a make money fast scam.

Unless you intend to work for pennies on survey sites, you’ll need a website.

If you’re going to have a website, you might as well promote affiliate products on it.

More people have made really big bucks from affiliate websites than any other method to make money online.

My recommendation to my own mother is to go where the best are learning everyday.

Go where:

  • Fast, reliable, and modern hosting
  • Legitimate and state of the art training
  • Community to support you 24/7

all comes in the same package.

What’s Wealthy Affiliate University


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