Best Retirement Planning Blogs

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5 of the Best Retirement Planning Blogs online that you should be reading. The blogs I’ve listed cover a variety of topics, all relating to planning your own retirement years and what to expect. We all get excited at the mention of retiring, but you don’t want to retire your lifestyle do you? If not, … Read more

When I Retire What Happens To My 401k?

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When I retire what happens to my 401K could be one of the most important questions you’re asking today. If you’re planning your retirement and have a 401k you need to know what happens to your investment when you retire. In fact, there are several 401K options at your disposal when you retire: Leave the money … Read more

When To Retire From Work

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Deciding when to retire from work can be confusing and complex as both personal and financial factors come into to play. However planning and ideas about what to expect after retirement can help take the anxiety out of making your own retirement decisions. Life itself seems like a steady march towards retirement for some people. … Read more

What To Do About Retirement

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Thinking about What to do About Retirement and making solid plans beforehand is key to getting the most from your new life. It is easy to neglect planning for retirement. As a matter of fact: when you’re doing all you can to keep your children in clothes and a place to live, making financial plans for retirement … Read more

The Best Online Business For Baby Boomers

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To be perfectly honest with you, locating the best online business for baby boomers is a no brainer.  I found the internet 10 or 12 years ago, and started my first online business about 8 years ago. My first business wasn’t the best, but I was hooked on the potential right away.  As a baby … Read more