The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

This post explains the best way to learn affiliate marketing and why I am dead set that it’s the best way to make money online.

Why wait? Start Learning Affiliate Marketing Today — Free!

Like any business model, there are things you’ll need to learn to get started with your own affiliate marketing business.

You will need to learn about domain names, hosting websites to the internet, affiliate programs, affiliate products, how to find traffic to come to your website, how to provide the best information to readers, and how to market to them.

The truth is that most people who start, never really get a sustainable business going because:
They simply didn’t know the best place to learn about affiliate marketing.
Like starting any new business, there’s a lot to learn to get started.

You’ll find, if you haven’t already, that there’s plenty of websites offering to teach you how to get started online. And the fact is — you can waste a lot of money and time trying to learn with most of what you find.

Where to Learn How to Create an Affiliate Website

There are several ways to learn about affiliate marketing.

Yes, you read that right!

What I’m about to show you is how most of the 99% failure rate thinks they are learning how to make money online.

Most people who fail use the methods below:

  • Start searching with the Google search bar for things like how to start a website, how to have my own website, how to host my site, the best place to host a website, etc. The fact is that there is a lot of free information on how get your own website online. And, if they are great at searching through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) — have years to waste — and a lot of money to throw away — they can get going like that.
  • Here’s how that works: The more people search for the the things they need to learn, the more offers they receive in their inbox. It won’t take long to learn there are many thousands of people selling something to help. So — they piecemeal a lot of information together. However,  the problem is that their purchases will be outdated and mixed pieces of the online marketing puzzle. Now they own a very expensive puzzle that never fits together.
  • They get on Amazon or even go to the book store and read books for the training they need to find success online. Like searching the web, though, they are simply not likely to find anything that actually produces results.

Learning Affiliate Marketing Free Has its Downsides

Can I be totally honest with you?

I don’t know of a better or more satisfing way to make money than online marketing!

However, most people who start out online without proper training — simply waste a ton of time, resources, and money.

Making a small financial investment in quality training that includes state of the art tools that all affiliate marketers require is the route to success.

Here’s why the facts prove that paying for real affiliate marketing training is the route to success:

  • Because as a beginner you don’t have enough knowledge to get your website started. Deep down you realize you don’t really have enough knowledge to know what you need, right?  Going it alone makes it very difficult to know what to learn first — or what to learn next?
  • There are tons of website pages that claim to teach you something, but don’t teach you anything. Some of those sites lure you into the page and sell you promises that are actually impossible to back up. Others, for whatever reason, just don’t have any information worth reading?
  • Almost every human being that goes the free route winds up buying inexpensive courses (and sometimes very expensive) that prove to be useless. The problem with free marketing information and useless purchases is that each one ALWAYS calls for another.

Setting Up Affiliate Marketing Websites

Here’s what you’ll need to get a website set up and start marketing it online:

  • A domain name. You just can’t get around a name and an address for your business.
  • A company to host your website to the internet.
  • Someone to teach you exactly how to pick a profitable niche to get started with online.
  • Knowledge of the the best affiliate programs and how to pick products to promote.
  • Step by step directions for setting up and marketing your niche website and affiliate products.

Why would you think of starting an online business without expecting it to succeed?
This post is a detailed review of the most popular affiliate training platform in the world.

7 Reasons To Start an Online Business:

  1. You have an internet connection.
  2. You have a computer device.
  3. To let your internet connection and computer make money.
  4. Your online business will grow as you learn.
  5. You can actually build a business with a few hours a day.
  6. Make extra income every month with unlimited possibilities.
  7. As you build your business new online opportunities will open to you that you had no previous knowledge of.

Is Affiliate Marketing the Only Way To Make Money Online?

No! There are many legitimate methods to make money online other than simply promoting someone else’s products for a commission (affiliate marketing).

These methods are popular online:

  • Writing and selling non-fiction Kindle books on Amazon is popular among some people. You can apply this method by discovering what people online need to learn about, researching that topic and writing books about it.
  • Just go to Amazon and look at the millions of novels on sale there. You could write a series of novels and make money from them on Amazon. That is if anyone likes them enough to talk about them on social media?
  • I know you love taking photos with your phone. You might learn to sell those photos to businesses who will re-sale them for you online. In fact, I wrote this review of Shutterstock that will explain how that works.
  • If you have tech knowledge of computers, data, Css, JavaScript, HTML, or even writing post like these — you could possibly turn that knowledge into money as a freelancer.

Those are only a few “legitimate” ways to make money online that come to mind. But to tell you the truth, there are many other methods and techniques that open up to you once you’re involved with your own business.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s the thing: not one of those ideas are worth anything to you without a basic knowledge of websites and the web. Doesn’t that make sense? The internet exist because of websites, so the starting point must be to have a basic knowledge of websites.
But that’s not all: If you pursue any method of income using the internet you are sooner or later going to wind up wanting your own website. That’s just the nature of the beast.
Let’s just say you decide to write romance novels to sell online. You write your first one on your computer, learn how to turn it into a Kindle book, and publish it on Amazon. It won’t be anytime before you see how sending purchasers of your novel to your own website will give them a chance to see and purchase other Kindle books you’ve written.

This post explains the best way to learn everything you need to start and maintain a successful online business.

Everybody Needs A Website

Even with your own website you started for your romance novels, it won’t be long before you start wondering if you could sell something else?

You can!

You can promote almost anything in the world on your own site once you learn the affiliate marketing basics.
But the fact is you never have to write a novel! You can just start your own website, and promote affiliate products on it.
Anyone can be an affiliate marketer, because it’s pretty easy once you learn:

  • How to build a website
  • What affiliate products to promote
  • How to promote and market the products for a commission

Why You Should Start With Affiliate Marketing

As I said earlier, there are plenty of other methods to make money online. However, to make more than pennies at the time,  you need to have an understanding of the internet and websites.

With affiliate marketing you actually have a tangible business at a next to nothing startup cost.

Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

You stand a chance of actually making money from the outset.

Now, let’s be honest here:

You may make a sale pretty soon after your website is live, but hardly enough to retire on or supplement your income.

The bare bones truth is this:

It usually takes a few months for your website to produce the income you would expect from your business.

But the most interesting part of all — you will literally have the time of your life while you are learning and building your online business.

And if you are like myself when I started, and most all newcomers to affiliate marketing, you will be confused for a couple of weeks.

But with these step by step directions and the most amazing support system in the world — affiliate marketing and the best way to approach it will very quickly start making sense and money.

4 thoughts on “The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Great post and great layout. Tons of good information that will help your readers learn a lot about affiliate marketing online. I am an affiliate marketer myself, and know there’s a lot to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing. I’m glad to see you didn’t whitewash it and make it seem like the way is easy or short to making money online.

    • Hi Norman
      Thanks for stopping by. The post is sorta long and rambling, but I know that even though there are plenty of ways to make money online, I am convinced that starting out by learing affiliate marketing is the best way.

      Once a person gets a handle on affiliate marketing, not only are they producing income, but they now have the knowledge and skills to go just about any way they choose to go.

      Thanks again

  2. Fantastic article Mike. It was suggested to me when I first started that I could learn everything I needed to know for free by Google Searching! That’s all good and well if you actually know what you need to learn, which as a newbie I certainly didn’t.

    There are so many different areas you need to learn to be successful. Why would you waste your time doing things that won’t make any difference to your traffic or income!

    I am so glad I found WA. I have built a site from the ground up and I know what I have created is the best it can possibly be. I strongly support your suggestions, don’t mess around, get stuck in and learn the right way from the start otherwise you are just playing not working towards being a success.

    • Thanks Heidi
      Online marketing can seem so simple when you first start reading a lot of “spam” and hyped ads indicating how easy it is to make money on line when you first begin. And really, it only makes sense that because you are finding these ads on google, you should merely google how to get started and learn all you need. Too bad, it’s just not that simple.

      The interesting part is that with the help of the training at Wealthy Affiliate it really does become simple. With about 10 years experience on line, I know how little the investment is compared to the hit and miss program of trying to “save money”. In fact when you consider that with the cost of a wealthy affiliate membership you get all the tools you need to build a successful affiliate business and the training to make it happen — you really get the training free, don’t you?

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