What To Do After Retirement To Make Money

Now that you’ve retired, and exploring What To Do After Retirement To Make Money you could be in the best position of your life to make a difference.

You have more wisdom, experience, knowledge, talents, and time — to do things differently than ever before.

Whether you are thinking about building a long term business to leave behind, starting a new career, or supplementing your retirement income:

There’s plenty of productive years ahead.

Time to Enjoy Success Like Never Before

If you’re like me, you’re just not ready to take the retirement party, go home and sit down for the rest of your life.

Well, to tell you the truth: it was fun to relax and do what I pleased for awhile.

But then came the boredom, and the time to think about the skills I had acquired during my life. I remembered all the times I could have done things differently if the company had just belonged to me?

A voice kept nagging me to go back to work — with my own company this time.

I didn’t want to go back to being “employed”

But I did want to:

  • Have more money at my disposal
  • Be in a position to help others financially (give more)
  • Keep my mind sharp and alert
  • Learn new skills (because I know that when I stop learning new things, life will be coming to a close)
  • Work from my own home
  • Set my own schedule

I was retired so I didn’t want to find a job?

looking for a job sign after retirement to make money

I didn’t want to be confined to particular hours of the day to work, so I started actually reading those ads about starting an online business.

At the same time I was thinking about starting a consulting service to take advantage of the experience I had in the building industry.

But the more I read about all the ways to make money with a computer, the more interested I became.

You Already Have the Resources

If you’re like most of people these days, you already have a computer and a monthly internet service bill?

How much are you paying a month to check FaceBook and your other favorite social sites?

What if you could spend a few hours a day (at your convience) building your own online business instead of reading about your Facebook friends cat?

Read this comprehensive article about getting started with your business.

Bored but technically challenged

Even though I was worried about being technically challenged and wondering if I could make a business for myself online:

I couldn’t get around the fact that an online business could possibly satisfy a lot of my needs.

I was almost sure it could be financially rewarding as well as an opportunity to keep my mind sharp and focused.

So many people retiring these days are looking for something to keep them active and a useful part of society, as well as increasing their income.


Supplementing my retirement income while setting my own hours at home looked increasingly attractive.

Especially when I realized how much time I was spending playing online games, checking the weather, and socializing on my favorite social sites.

Even though I had overcome a million challenges in my life, I wasn’t sure I was equipped to operate a business through a computer?

Could  I Learn How?

Along with the endless ads I was seeing about making money online, I was now seeing that there are college courses specifically designed for seniors.

The more thought I gave to actually learning how to make money with my computer, the more I was thinking about going to school to learn about things like computer programming, and just getting to know my computer.

Even though thinking of going back to school was exciting, that’s not what I really wanted to do.

I Wanted A Business, Not School

Me making money after retirement with my online business

Not only did I want extra money, I wanted the satisfaction of building my own successful business.

I wanted to be the one responsible for the direction of my life, and the financial success of my future.

I wanted to be my own boss with my own business.

It was time for my lifestyle to be both financially and intellectually rewarding.

I Knew What I Wanted To Do To Make Money

The more I investigated online opportunities, the more I realized the internet had limitless opportunities to boost my income and stimulate my life.

I had a computer and had basic knowledge about how to surf the internet.

And I learned that wanting to learn and that very basic computer knowledge was all I needed to start learning what to do after retirement to make money.

To tell you the truth, I’m not aware of any business whatsoever that has the life changing potential for such little startup cost as online marketing.

Why Have An Online Business When You Retire?

Of course many seniors simply don’t have enough retirement funds to live the life want and deserve, and need more income.

Many retirees find themselves with the time to be an entrepreneur and get excited about the challenge of owning and operating their own business.

We all want to stay young forever, and learning new skills is the first step to staying vibrant and not losing touch with the world just because we retired.

People who have lived long enough to retire have wisdom and knowledge about many different subjects that can share online.

After retiring, it’s simple business to find yourself in a negative attitude and depressed due to boredom and feeling like you’re no longer contributing. There’s a lot going on in the internet world, and could be just the prescription for getting back in the groove.

To tell you the truth, I could go on for days about the rewards of having my own online business, and how it keeps me active and engaged, while providing regular income.

The income doesn’t come as quickly as if I had taken a part time job somewhere because just like any business, it takes time to build.

And for me working for myself, meeting new people all over the world, getting to help people solve their problems, and learning new skills is far more rewarding.

One chapter of life has ended and another begun.

Life hasn’t ended, but just began with retirement

Taking the plunge to make money after retirement can mean a new life with financial growth, freedom to do what you love, and security.

Tell us how you’re finding retirement good or bad in the comments below.


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